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May Arts Design Team 2015-2016 Entry

Good day! My favorite ribbon distributor May Arts is looking for a new member of their Design Team! Wow!!! So today my post is about how I use May Arts ribbons in my projects and how it is important for me to become a Prima Ribbonista!

As a fan of a colour and texture I know that the right ribbon can make my works look beautiful. In my blog you can find more than 60 works with wonderful ribbons (I tag them with MayArts label). For a participation I need to show you at least three projects that is not so easy! So I decided to select styles I love most of all: American style projects with small amount of details and shabby chiс. So let’s start!

The first project is a notepad (4x4 inches). Ribbon helps me to finish it perfectly!

The second project is a travel book I made using a craft cardboard. It is quite flat for ease of use but with my favorite diagonal stripes ribbon I created a vertical design and achieve a harmony.

The third project is a clean and simple New Year card. This is a perfect example of how the ribbon can be a main element of decoration.

The Fourth project is an album for little boy. I made it using stripes cotton ribbon.

The fifth album is an example of my love to soft and delicate style with a lot of laces and airy ribbons. It is a little girl’s album.

The sixth project is a notepad in shabby chiс style. It was made for my friend’s grandmother.

And the last project is a mini album for my nephew. The ribbons are creating main focus and enriching everything in this work. 

I made a simple tutorial about how I made this album. All you need is a paper, stamps, photographs and May Arts ribbons of course! Hope it will be helpful and inspiring!

Wish me luck and have a great weekend! 

Как вы поняли, этим постом я подаю заявку в команду моего обожаемого и любимого производителя лент Мэй Артс. Это моя мечта и не попробовать я просто не могу! Пожелайте пожалуйста мне удачи и хороших выходных!

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  1. Пусть удача будет на твоей стороне, ты достойна!

  2. Девочки спасибо большое вам за поддержку!